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Linda Wilk is Coaching a Peaceful Life. Peace starts on the inside and radiates outward! Looking for inner peace?  Coaching to set goals and meet personal success? Spiritual Coaching can help with relationships, recovery and success at life. Acceptance is the key to serenity, peace and contentment in your life.

Coaching a

Peaceful Life

Coaching a peaceful Life: Peace starts within and radiates outward. ID - Linda Wilk, MAPC, 304-279-2295. Shows picture of lotus in gold  circle.

How do you measure the temperature of your Trauma?! Look at the many facets that contribute to recovery here!

Searching for a way out, or a way into your life? Find it here.

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Linda J. Wilk, MAPC, 
Coach, Writer, Spiritual Advisor
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419


Linda Wilk is
Coaching A Peaceful Life

Helping others to find inner peace in daily life.

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