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Course Offerings

On this page you will find courses that are either currently being offered (starred, with a button to lead you to the place to sign up), or those which have been offered or will be offered in the future.  Coaching a Peaceful Life is constantly looking at what is needed in our community and what might be helpful in getting you, our reader, to the place of peace you desire.  Feel free to drop us a line at

Fall Spiritual

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We'd love to have you join us! The cost is $500 with a $200 deposit due immediately and the balance due by August 30, 2023.  Please message us at with any questions. Note the requirements for attendance in the flyer. Payments to Paypal. Attendance is limited!

This is a two page description of a Fall Spiritual Retreat for women in recovery from addiction, aimed at deepening their spiritual lives.
This is the opening page to the Spiritual Recovery Retreat for women in 12-step recovery, utilizing art, groups, movement and mindfulness.
A flyer for a Women's Empowerment Toolkit online course, self paced.


The Women's Empowerment Toolkit

If you are looking to step out of your current life into a new life, or to hone your living skills to prepare for a new job or up your success, this is the prep course for you! The Toolkit will allow you to see what you possess or what you still might need, and it's at a bargain price!


Young Women's Life Empowerment Intensive!

Ten Steps to Complete a Blueprint for Your Life!  

If you are feeling like you need more, like you want to take charge and write a plan for moving forward, we got you! You will break old habits of dependency and abuse to build new norms of serenity and happiness as you set goals and a plan for a healthy new life. COMING SOON

Course description for Young Women's Empowerment Intensive
You Deserve Peace, Everybody Does, a 10 week course to find Peace and Joy your way, coming soon.



Everyone does! If you are successful in your life but find yourself still immersed in chaos too often or anxious, unhappy and wondering why, this course is for you! We explore ways to balance work and home and self. We utilize mindfulness, quiet, and look at spiritual decision-

making to find the peace that will settle your soul! COMING SOON

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