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Linda J. Wilk, MAPC

Seventy-one years ago, I started on this journey on earth.  I was born a seeker, and I am a deep listener, to people, animals and all of nature.  I have a natural feeling towards peace and justice for the world. I have accepted that life is not fair, I keep working for what could be.  I believe that if those of us who seek peace do not continue seeking it and teaching it, then there will be chaos and violence and never-ending war; we must work every day towards peace, from the core of our being outwards.  I believe the energy we call "God," has called me to do this.   I spend each day in contemplation, listening for direction to that still, small voice, and I listen and watch the way God works through other people as well.  Diversity, as it increases will bring wisdom, through its challenges and love, stretches and growth.  I live my life along the river with my husband, dogs, cats, and chickens, and with our children when they are able. We are blessed to have many recovering and spiritual people in our lives.  May you be one of them!

Man and His Dog

Linda J. Wilk, MAPC.
Pastoral Counselor/Coach

Part of my life journey has been evolution as a counselor/therapist towards a coach.  I've been privileged to study under some of the best professors and mentors, from Jungians to Object Relations analysts to Family Therapists and Addiction Clinicians and finally to Brief Therapists and DBT practitioners.  Finally I moved toward coaching because it is wonderfully goal oriented and does not rely on the insurance system for its monies.  I like the idea of clear contracts and boundaries more and more as I age into wisdom, and I like combining the best of the wisdom I have gained from all of my mentors to offer a conglomeration of approaches to help you to problem solve your own dilemmas.  At the center of my work is helping others find peace in the midst of the chaos that is our life on earth.



BA in Psychology and Community Development

Livingston College of Rutgers University,

New Brunswick, NJ


MA, magna cum laude in Pastoral Counseling

Moravian Theological Seminary

Bethlehem, PA

Completed 2 year internship in Structural

Family Therapy.



Coach and NLP Certification: In progress

Online training

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