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Linda Wilk is
Coaching A Peaceful Life

Helping others to find inner peace in daily life.

My growing vision

My friends, my ongoing vision throughout my life has been to teach peace and tach others to do the same. My work now is the embodiment of that and remains ever evolving. I invite you to join me in my journey. 

Are you in recovery, striving to recover from addictions or trying to make other major life changes? 

It can be a long journey.  I have been traveling the path for a long time.  It's difficult to understand what people mean by a "complete spiritual change," when you first hear that kind of talk.  Sometimes the best people to learn from are others going through the same thing as you! In recovery, there are lots of skills to be learned, and a network of people to support you helps.  We teach digital courses online where you can connect with others, learn helpful skills, and check out what is missing in your path to success.

Once you are in recovery, just standing still feeling again can present its own challenges.  Having a toolkit of skills to navigate feelings, decisions, sort out feelings and thoughts -- It's about helping you hear your own inner voice.  You do not have to row the boat alone.

You ask all the questions, and you learn how to look inside yourself for the answers.  You find out who to go to for the resources you need.

You are not alone.



Most relationships struggle...

it's part of life.

What helps people in relationships to move from struggle to solving problems and working as a team is Clear Communication.  This simple tool is one of the most sought after and hard to reach pieces of successful relationships, no matter what kind.  Are you seeking peaceful and effective partnerships, family and friendship in your life? Work on building clear communication and watch how easy it is to learn the rest.

Conflict resolution, team-building, problem-solving and creative brain-storming, not to mention goal-setting are all built by peaceful and effective communication skills. These are the skills necessary to navigate any conversation, whether at work, at home, with your kids, or with your friends. I invite you to examine your own and improve on them!




$175. per 90 minutes

GROUP SESSIONS: $50. per 90 minutes session. Groups are usually scheduled for a set amount of sessions and members are obligated for the full group amount, e.g., 10 sessions would be $500 total, due before the group begins, or as negotiated with coach. 




What is spirituality?  What if I told you, that is for you to find out?

Many  of us adopt the spiritual values we are raised with or what we find along the way of life.  That's fine, if it works for you.  But as many times as not, something happens that rocks a persons world: a death, a loss, a deep hurt, and the values one was raised with, even the God one believed in, seem to fall short.  Some 12-step programs encourage folks to find "a higher power as you understand Him."  But what does that mean, exactly?

My own life path has been an evolution of growth in many spiritual directions.  I had to learn that there is no wrong way to follow a spiritual path -- there is only your own way! I had to break free of taboos and learn to ask why, how, what, and many other questions that give life personal meaning..

If these are the kinds of questions that you struggle with, or if the meaning seems to have gone out of your life, then spiritual coaching is for you.

Finding purpose, finding meaning, finding reason for being here on earth, these are deeply spiritual things that do not depend on an external belief so much as understanding what is in your heart.  Come explore!

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