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FINDING SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: What is an Online Spiritual Retreat

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Are you up for a Free Spiritual Experience? Can one experience "spiritual awakening" online? I've found that there are widely varying opinions on this, so I'm inviting you to a completely free mini-spiritual retreat, on Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 10 AM to 1PM EST.

All you will need to do to join in, is email me that you wish to sign up. In return, I will send you the Zoom link, and closer to the date, some handouts to assist your experience!


A retreat can encompass many things, but in recovery terms generally means a chance to get away from regular life and have an opportunity to look over one's own life path and how you think it is going. In 12-step programs, one often does this with one's sponsor, as an opportunity to do in-depth step-work. It can also be a chance to do some spiritual seeking, and if you are on a religious path, to do some "soul-seeking" in the path of your choice. Christians may seek a path of prayer and Bible study for a weekend, or a chance to hear a pastor who is well-known deliver a message and have a chance for discussion and worship.

Buddhists of many paths may also welcome a long-term time of meditation and a chance to hear lessons from a revered teacher, including time to meet individually. As one who has studied religions, I've noticed many similarities between all paths of religions, though their beliefs be different. I think we all welcome a chance to put aside our daily life and chores and have a chance to attend to what our spiritual needs are. It is of note, however that that long term goal is how to live these beliefs in our daily lives. Spiritual retreat allows us the time to focus ourselves on what is important in our spirituality so we can be better persons in our daily lives when we return!


I'm offering this retreat for women in any 12 step or similar recovery, to give you a chance to explore what a spiritual retreat can offer! Yes, I am moving towards a live retreat in the Spring. I found that just coming online and offering that retreat without you knowing me better seemed to be too great of a risk for some. Lots of interest, few sign ups! This is a chance for us to get to know each other. But EEK another barrier -- the online Mystique! I urge you to try it! We will make the online room comfy and safe as we work together and share. We do this in several ways: One is the simple act of being together in our own homes, yet in the same Zoom room. I've been doing this for a year, studying with others, and I can tell you, it gets comfy very quickly if you will allow it. We can use music, having our favorite clothes, foods, blankets, props, like an altar, or things that make you feel safe, such as candles and essential oils --YOU TELL ME! I have a beautiful female Buddha, pictures of my gardens, flowers, my little dogs and cats, a comfy chair, books that support what I am doing, soothing music, and I will share as much of that as possible. And you can see that without being allergic or scared because you will be in your own safe space. As the day unfolds I will iinvite you to share what is making your own space safe, what has worked and not worked, and what has brought you to this space. We will join in spiritual community. I hope I might even have some tools and experiences for your journey that you might not even have experienced yet

You know the right way for yourself!
A rock cairn points the right direction


If you have never been on a Spiritual Retreat, then three hours is just the right amount of time to check it out and see if it's for you! If you have been on a retreat, but NOT an Online Spiritual Retreat, I bet three hours is an amount you can stand! I'd love the opportunity to meet you in this setting, welcome you, and join you in making it safe for everyone! Together we can do what we can't do alone! JOIN ME!

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